Young Enterprise

March 26, 2015

Some of the WSM team take it in turns to spend their Thursday lunch times at King’s College School to help out with the Young Enterprise scheme; a programme aimed to promote entrepreneurship and business acumen in students by allowing them to form a company and develop a business project.

Saturday, was one of the judging days for the schools and around six groups of students braved the cold and wind to set up stalls in Wimbledon town centre. Nick and Tasmeen went along in support. There were some creative products from iPhone filters and recipe apps, to backpacks that are designed to prevent pick pockets. The students from King’s College School were the youngest team there, and had developed a range of collapsible cups and bowls, good for use when camping or taking picnics. They managed to sell a substantial amount on the day and held up to some intensive questioning from the judges, although sadly did not win any prizes on the day.

Now, they head back to the classroom to draw up their company report, which will determine if they will progress to the area finals.