WSM Wine Tasting

May 8, 2013

On Thursday 11th April, Spirited Wines of Wimbledon took the WSM challenge…

After a random twitter introduction, we arranged an evening of fun, wine and cheese at the WSM office, hosted by William from Spirited Wines of Wimbledon.  It was a fantastic evening with plenty of drinking and eating, wine tasting games and discussions about aromas, flavours and characteristics.

We kick-started the night with a glass of pink cava to clean the palette, followed by 4 delicious white and 4 red wines which William explained brilliantly and informatively with stories about the wine-makers and the regions.  A game was drawn up whereby we attempted to guess the price of each bottle of wine based on the information provided and its taste. Helen Cole came out on top with the closest overall price and went home with a lovely bottle of wine as a prize.

Paul Windsor commented: “William provided 8 unusual wines from regions that I normally wouldn’t give a second thought to. Without exception, each wine displayed a unique colour, body and balance that gave an insight into the passion of every grower…..and don’t even think of getting me started on the cheese!”

The evening drew to a close in the Terrace, Wimbledon with some more food and wine.  It certainly was a night to remember (or not…).

For more information about the holding a wine tasting evening, contact William at Spirited Wines of Wimbledon.