WSM takes on Young Enterprise Teams: Cover Initiative and BSL at Heart

February 28, 2013

Since September, a WSM team has been involved with the Young Enterprise scheme as Volunteer Advisors to local schools. 

Young Enterprise is the United Kingdom’s largest business and enterprise education charity. Every year over 225,000 young people learn about business and the world of work in the classroom under the guidance of a network of 5,000 volunteers from 3,500 companies.  Overall, the scheme hopes to introduce young people to the world of business by enabling them to set up and run their own company.

Part of the WSM team, Ben White, Hollie Luck and Kayley Hackshaw, have been mentoring Kings College School and have a fantastic team of 10 secondary school students who have set up a company called ‘Cover Initiative’. 

Hollie shares her experience of the Young Enterprise scheme so far: “As a Volunteer Advisors, we attend their meetings and are as involved as they want us to be. In the meeting forum, everyone is on an equal playing field and there is no teacher-pupil mindset.  It is important that the teams use their own initiative.  However, sometimes it is hard not to get too wrapped up in their excitement when ideas start flowing or problems arise, and let them work out solutions on their own.  It has been good to have the opportunity to pass on our business experience and knowledge and see the team develop over the year; so far I think it has been a valuable experience for both sides.”

Cover Initiative have designed a case for the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 which comes with marker pens so that an individual case can be designed by the owner.  The team are currently gearing up for an upcoming trade fair in Wimbledon Town Centre Piazza on 23rd March, and it’s great to see their developed product become a reality, as well as the marketing strategy taking shape.

The remainder of the WSM team, Ben Lee and Tasmeen Shirodkar, have recently taken on mentoring the South Thames College team who were in need of some mentors.  The team, BSL at Heart (British Sign Language), raised their initial funds selling calendars with examples of sign language on them.  They have since produced a short DVD which teaches phrases of sign language, and other items including bags, cups and jewellery.

To find out more about the programme and how you can get involved, please click here.