WSM Marks Bloom move to an office with a view

October 19, 2017

It was an exciting, yet emotional day last Friday for the WSM Marks Bloom team as they prepared to move offices to a new location just over Kingston bridge to Hampton Wick. Having been in their previous premises on Old London Road in Kingston for over 40 years, it was always going to be a hard move to make.

Although anxious as you would expect to be on the day that you move from any previous residence to a new one, the team were well prepared, organised and efficient which made the day run smoothly and without any issues. And although Andy Whelan and his team wekingston new offices team outsidere sad to say farewell to the old Marks Bloom offices that they had known for so long, the view from their new premises put a smile back on their face as they looked out to the sight of  swans swimming and boats sailing down the River Thames.

The office is a good size and is open plan which promotes an open door approach and encourages communication within the team, a boardroom which seats eight is primarily placed at the entrance of the office so the view of the river is still visible through clear glass doors. A few teething problems as you would expect have been experienced but not many, the most challenging not having any functioning phones for a few weeks!

All in all, the move went really well and as we wish the team continued success in their new premises, we also eagerly await an invitation to an office warming party on the river!

  kingston Office Andy brd room                  Kingston office Andy