WSM Lunch Fundraiser for Willow

November 3, 2016
Read all about our charity of the year

The lovely employees of WSM came together for a fantastic cause yesterday as we took part in a Lunch Fundraiser for our charity of the year, the Willow Foundation, that works with seriously ill young adults to provide ‘Special Days’. When the idea of a fundraiser was mentioned many of our team were keen to help out and volunteer their time and cooking skills to raise some money for the well-deserving charity. The idea of a traditional Bake Sale gradually grew into a full buffet lunch as our employees were keen to represent their countries and cultures in a range of savoury and sweet dishes. The day finally arrived and with it came an absolute banquet of food, from curries and dhal to sausage rolls and chow mein, as well as a delicious range of treats including brownies, cupcakes, and traditional Malaysian desserts. It was fantastic to see the majority of the office getting involved for this great cause, and even more fantastic that we managed to raise £530 pounds to give to Willow. We hope that this will help them continue to bring joy into the lives of those who really need it.