WSM Ladies Row Hard for Charity!

June 30, 2015

On Wednesday evening, a team from WSM ventured up to London's City Hall to take part in the annual corporate fundraiser for the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, Row Hard! Former top lady Kayley Hackshaw joined Tasmeen, Helen and Emilie to race against 32 other corporate teams to raise vital funds for new wheelchairs for the hospital.

City Hall has fantastic views of Tower Bridge and the City of London, which we admired while munching sweets to make sure our energy levels were up. Six rowing machines were set up on the ninth floor, just above Boris Johnson's office, where each team of four had to row 2000 meters in relay. After a quick practice of the change over technique, we waited nervously for the fourth heat, and managed a good time of 8 minutes 38 seconds! Unfortunately, we were up against mixed teams so we sadly came last in our heat, but we did achieve the second fastest time of the girls only teams, making our participation and hard work well worth while.

It was a big effort by the girls who deserve a huge 'thank you' for their efforts and we would be delighted if you can sponsor them and help raise money for this fantastic cause, especially as the charity are only a few hundred  pounds away from their £10,000 target – every little helps! You can donate at: and click on ‘WSM take on Row Hard’.