WSM go bowling!

November 19, 2014

Yesterday evening, Tas organised a bowling trip to Tenpin at Kingston, where a good number of the WSM team attended and competition got so intense that there was a broken glass incident!

WSM Marketing were unfortunately too busy with events to attend so we caught up with Nick to see how the team got on…

Hollie bowled incredibly well, as did Stanton. Maureen stepped up and got a strike and a couple of spares in the second round. Bruno bowled at about 100 mph, whereas Ian bowled perfectly every time but could never get anything more than a 9. Biffers was characteristically competitive throughout. Sharon celebrated as if she had scored in a world cup final every time she knocked down a pin. Tas was erratically entertaining, and Asker didn't meet the high standards many expect of him. Chirag, on the other hand, far from surpassed expectations and bowled with form and grace.

The figures speak for themselves however… 154 average, three strikes on the run (a turkey in professionally lingo), and bowled with passion and skill throughout. I, Nick Sissling, remain WSM Bowling Champion!’