WSM chooses Great Ormond Street Hospital as our Charity of the Year

March 8, 2012

During January, members of the team at WSM nominated charities for the firm to support throughout the year. Managing Partner Gavin Stebbing, took on the responsibility of reading through the many great causes and presentations, and found there to be a significant groundswell to choose Great Ormond Street Hospital, (GOSH) as WSM’s Chosen Charity for 2012.

GOSH helps hundreds of children and their families, everyday. They have some of the best paediatric surgeons in the world and they’re constantly researching new life-changing treatments and cures. They help children whose illness is so critical, it cannot be treated anywhere else.

Many of the team here at WSM, have great personal respect and appreciation for the work GOSH does. Nelly Brown’s daughter Richelle and Shakeel Butt’s son Adil, have both been treated by the hospital.

Lucy Bower, who was a cherished member of WSM for many years, recently left our team to look after her daughter Hannah.

Hannah has Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy and at aged 2 developed epilepsy. Hannah was referred to GOSH in August 2011 for potential epileptic surgery, because three anti-convulsant drugs have failed to reduce seizure activity. In December 2011, Hannah was admitted to GOSH for a week and underwent telemetry (EEG and video monitoring of brain activity) and neuropsychological assessment. Further tests are planned in the next few months, before a decision can be made regarding surgery.

The support GOSH has given members of our staff and their families, is outstanding and deeply appreciated. We’re now very pleased to have an opportunity to give them something back.

We shall be organising and taking part in many activities and events throughout the year, to raise money for this great cause. Donations can be made on our company fundraising page and you can also follow our progress on our website and WSM Twitter page. Your support means a great deal to us!