WSM Celebrate at Ronnie Scotts!

December 18, 2014

Our end of year party went off with a bang yesterday and boy, do accountants know how to party!

The days festivities started with a bacon roll for everyone as they arrived in the office and music quiz created by Gavin. We split into groups to listen to parts of a song such as the intro and name the artist and song title. There were plenty of those irritating moments when the song sounded incredibly familiar, but we had no idea what it was. It all got a bit competitive and there ended up just one point in it, however it was Ben Lee’s team, Merry Quizmas who won, probably down to Ben’s Dolly Parton knowledge!

Simon Marsh even made it in to the office for quick hello and to take part in the quiz after having a hip operation only a couple of days before; great to see him back on his feet so soon. After a Secret Santa present swap where lots of lovely goodies were exchanged, we headed to Soho to sit down at the fantastic Ronnie Scotts for 12.30pm.

For lunch, we got to choose between three different options for each course: soup, salad or terrine for starters; for mains traditional turkey with fondant potato and cranberry sauce; slow cooked pig with red cabbage; pan-fried sea bass with leeks and chorizo; or the vegetarian option of mushrooms and celeriac in a fricassee with roasted vegetables. Pudding was either a chocolate torte or Christmas pudding. Every dish looked incredible!

The band was fantastic; at one point taking Christmas song requests from the floor and then playing it with a particular theme such as Silent Night in heavy metal or a reggae version of Hark the Herald Angels Sing. They then initiated the infamous kazoo competition, and we had Sam Fisher and Harry Edwards represent WSM go on stage to perform alongside the pianist and rapturous support from the WSM team. Harry made third place, but Sam scored a very close second, winning a year long membership for Ronnie Scotts.

After we had stuffed ourselves full of delicious food, we moved on to the bar area where the 44 of us pretty much took over, ordering drinks and showing off our Secret Santa presents.

Big thank you to the partners for such a great event, and also to Kayley for organising!

For more photos, check out our facebook page.