Wombledon Rounders

July 31, 2013

Every year, we enter a team into the Wombledon Rounders event. It takes place annually on the first Friday of the Wimbledon Tennis fortnight. Local companies are invited to put forward a 12 person mix gender team.

When the day arrived, we set off early to practice as quite a few on the team had not picked up a rounders bat since school, but as usual the practice kicked off with a couple of jugs from the bar and ended with a quick game of catch.

We got off to a cracking start, partly due to the morale-boosting team talk, and the rest to luck. Suffice to say, we won.  After the first game, we were up 20 points against all the other teams and so were pretty confident that we would at least make it through to the semi finals.

In the second match, we made it through by the skin of our teeth. We hit well during the batting stage, but when it came to fielding, our pitcher decided we had thrown a number of no balls, meaning the opposition gained 25 points on us.

During the third and final match, we again hit a number of home runs and played well, earning another victory. We were certain this would be enough to finally, after so many years of trying, make it past the group stages.

We were wrong however. Not only did the other teams catch up with us, but we were tied for a place in the semi finals.  The hosts decided the fairest way to choose who went through to the knockout stage was to add the total number of no balls thrown during all three games. Our hearts sank! We had loads…

Despite being knocked out by a technicality, the WSM team enjoyed the day and we cannot wait to compete next year. This time we plan to go all the way.