Wombledon Rounders 2016

June 13, 2016
2016 rounders

Last Friday evening saw the Wimbledon’s business community get together for a friendly, but highly competitive game of rounders. The annual Wombledon tournament is hosted by Hartley Fowler as a charity fundraiser, and this year’s event was well subscribed once again, with 12 teams heading to Old Rutlishians Cricket and Rugby Club in Merton Park. The event was a fun, family affair with Lauren’s family being her mini cheerleaders every time she stepped up to the batting area.

Wimbledon Super Mavericks (WSM) started off poorly, with our first game up against last year’s winners, VMG Heroes. They were a slick and well practiced team and managed to get over half the team out and then bought home the rounds. Our playing improved as the evening went on, with some good catches from James and Ben S, and Louisa, Ben C and James getting some rounds in, however we still hadn’t managed to win a game. As the points were counted up and the top four teams went through to the next rounds, we enjoyed the BBQ food and beer comfortable in the fact 2016 was not our year!

The event is a great chance to catch up with some of our business neighbours in Wimbledon in a more relaxed and sociable setting, as well as raising money for charity. Well done to Gem FS the overall winners and we will get practicing for 2017!