Morrisons Quiz Night

November 16, 2015

'The annual Morrisons Quiz, sold with a 'James Bond' theme, was a great success this year with both our teams performing far better than any of us ever expected. 

After using their joker (double points) in the first round, 'Licensed to Quiz’ consisting of Nick, Ben S, Shane, Anne, Shakeel and Chirag, made an early charge for the lead.  Some would say this was a brave move, others foolish, but it put them immediately into third position.  'Double O S M’, with Simon, Andrew, myself and two honorary team members Ally Maughan and Rupert Walsh, were more cautious with their joker and finished the first round respectively in mid table.

The quizmaster truly had his foot on the pedal and it was not long before we had flown through the first half of the quiz with both teams keeping their own places in the table.

It wasn't until after the break in the 6th round that 'Double O S M' used their joker in what proved to be a master stroke as it was our best performing round and we shot up the table to fourth, where we stayed for the remainder of the quiz. In most other years, this would have usually meant leaving the other WSM team in our wake (competition is healthy right?).  But this year was a year like no other.  Not only were 'Licensed to Quiz' in second place by this time, at the end of the final round they were tied for the lead.

To an outsider it would appear that Shakeel's evening of indulgence in James Bond facts the night before had been the overriding factor in their team’s high scoring, but the theme itself was more of a curve ball and the quiz required very little James Bond knowledge.

There were five questions in the playoff for the outright winner and with no James Bond questions being asked, the team was out of luck. They claimed second place and went away with a bottle of wine each.'

Thank you to Tom Blake for the write up of the evening. The charity Morrisons were supporting this year was Merton Mencap, a local charity providing support for people with learning disabilities.