Fundraising Thank You

September 8, 2015

On Thursday 4th September, WSM were invited to the Royal Hospital for Neuro Disability for an evening of thanks to those that had supported the charity throughout the year. Held in their main hall overlooking their wonderful grounds, individuals and companies alike gathered as the hospital’s vice president Ruth Maxwell began her opening speech of thanks.

It was a great occasion to hear the work that had been done throughout the year by those that had walked, run, cycled and rowed to raise funds for the hospital. Paul Windsor and Ben Lee took to the stage to receive our certificate, having raised £6,875 pounds for the hospital in the first eight months of the year.

It was also a great opportunity to show our thanks to the RHN for their help in our fundraising involvements, having supported the firm in the various events that have been undertaken throughout the year. We may have received our certificate, but we still have four months left to raise funds, so watch this space for further events taking place soon!