Dragons for a Day

June 5, 2013

After a successful year of working with Young Enterprise and other thriving community projects, the team at WSM was looking for a new challenge. Ben White brought the idea of The Challenge Network to the office after meeting Jenny Leonard at the launch of Ambition, and as always, a few of us were keen to get involved immediately!

The Challenge Network is a national charity that brings together groups of local young people from a range of backgrounds to build a stronger society; the key feature being teams of individuals working together to create a campaign focussed on a community issue that they are passionate about and want to be involved in. The team will have the opportunity to learn new skills in a particular area (drama, media, photography, enterprise or sport), interact with local community organisations, build confidence in themselves and their abilities, and network with a variety of people they may not have the opportunity to meet normally.

WSM is getting involved by hosting a day in August where a team of 12 young people can come into the office, meet the employees, ask questions about the company, the job and most importantly, pitch their campaign to us in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style pitch so that we can help by providing feedback and advice.  

We are delighted to have the opportunity to be Dragons for the day and are really looking forward to meeting our team. If you would like more information on how you can get involved, click to view The Challenge Network’s website.