Crossrail 2 and Wimbledon

November 23, 2015

Paul Windsor chaired a business forum on Wednesday morning, organised by Love Wimbledon for the Crossrail 2 team to present their detailed plans for the South London hub at Wimbledon. Over 80 local businesses were represented, along with local political figures, who listened intently to the presentation from Dr Michele Dix, the CEO of Crossrail 2.

Crossrail 2 is a proposed new railway line serving London and the South East, linking Surrey to Hertfordshire via central London destinations. The project is estimated to cost £27 billion and will enable over 270,000 additional commuters to get in to London every morning.

The forum provided a great opportunity for everyone to ask questions about the proposed plans and voice any concerns they might have. Overall, there was huge support for the scheme and the long term benefits it would bring, however there was also deep concern expressed about the intervening planning and building period of up to 15 years.

If you have a business in Wimbledon and are interested in seeing how the plans might affect you, take a look at the Crossrail 2 website at, in particular the proposal for Wimbledon.