Commercial Property Breakfast Briefing

February 24, 2016
microphone in concert hall or conference room with lights in background. with extremely shallow dof

Gavin Stebbing was invited to speak at Russell Cooke’s recent breakfast on commercial property law; looking at property investment and the risks and advantages of share acquisitions versus asset aquisitions.

Bright and early Tuesday morning, Gavin joined Jonathan Thornton and Katherine McClintock from Russell Cooke, to discuss the various options when making commercial property transactions. The event was well turned out, with an audience of around 75 people enjoying hearing what to look for when considering buying a company that owns a target property rather than the property itself; SDLT, capital gains tax, VAT and capital allowances issues; the issues when splitting a portfolio; and how to manage contingent property liabilities; all over a delicious continental breakfast.

If you are interested in attending future events like this, please contact Emilie with your details and get yourself added to the WSM mailing list.

Gavin RC breakfast