Oh What a Night!

December 20, 2016
Firework Table

For those of you who were expecting to see another joyous jingle from the WSM team this year, Im afraid we don’t have a video to show you. However we can tell you that we did enjoy an outstanding fun fuelled night out at the extremely trendy Alpine-style restaurant Bodo’s Schloss in Kensington.
The fun started during the day when Simone, who wore a wonderful dancing Christmas tree hat, distributed the secret Santa presents which provided lots of smiles and equally a lot of laughs for those who received gifts from the jokers in the team!
The atmosphere at Bodo’s was filled with joyous festive spirit and as we sat down at what seemed to be the longest table in history, which stretched the length of the restaurant, Diego (the manager) introduced himself to the team and presented us all with several festive shots of Schnapps. After that, the night really took off.
Warm pretzels with baked camembert and pate were just the beginning of the delicious treats from the menu that was planned for the night. For those of us who wanted to and who could still move after the culinary delights, we took to the dance floor to show off our strictly come dancing inspired moves!
As if we hadn’t been spoiled enough we were treated the next morning to a lovely surprise of bacon rolls to welcome us in to the office and to help us through the day ahead.
A huge thank you to the partners, who made the whole night possible. It provided a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues from our Kingston and London offices and to get to know each other outside the normal confines of the office.

A Happy Christmas to you all.


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