Changes at WSM Marks Bloom

January 5, 2017

The Kingston office sadly said goodbye to Lauren Cullen with effect from the end of the calendar year 2016. Lauren had been thinking of setting up in business on her own for some time. Having obtained an insolvency licence and started taking appointments in her own name under the auspices of WSM Marks Bloom at the beginning of last year, she has now decided to take the plunge and run her own insolvency practice working from home. We wish Lauren the best of luck in her new venture. There will be doubtless opportunities for us to work together with her on certain projects in the future.

Following Lauren’s departure, we are delighted to announce that both Adam Nakar and Doug Pinteau have been granted an insolvency licence by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales with effect from 3 January 2017. Both Adam and Doug trained and qualified as insolvency practitioners with Marks Bloom prior to the merger with WSM.  Whilst they will not immediately be taking formal appointments themselves, the fact that, together with Andy Whelan, WSM Marks Bloom will now have three licensed insolvency practitioners which further demonstrates the high level of expertise that the firm can employ.