Ashes at the Oval

August 29, 2013

There is always a frisson of excitement when you enter the Oval through the pavillion gates, but no more so than when England are on the fixture list and their old arch rivals Australia are the opposing team. Thus, the scene was set for the 5th and final confrontation of this summer's Ashes Test series.

It has to be said that two days of batting from Australia was not always as attention grabbing as cricket can sometime be, and as a result the rambling chatter after lunch varied from the excellence of Watson's batting technique to the proper name for the Vauxhall gasometer (gasholder, gas bell, gas works, gas tank) and the potential hazards of the electrical apparatus attached to it.

We did all cheer when England finally got an opportunity to bat at the end of the 2nd day and we were delighted that we hadn't gone for tickets on the Saturday, which would have meant combining a long lunch with tea as a result of the precipitation which lasted all day.

In the end, a fair draw on the final day after the Aussies had sportingly declared and then bad light had whipped away the win from England with only 21 runs for victory. We enjoyed the very good company of our guests and colleagues and finally felt part of the great sporting summer of 2013.