All I want for Christmas

December 18, 2015
christmas jumper

The Christmas party was hotly anticipated this year, with our two new offices giving us the biggest turnout ever… but before lunch there was a video to make!

Accountant’s offices are not renowned for action packed fun, however the morning started with energy filled Daisy and Kitty from Jenks and Co coming to the Wimbledon office to film us lip syncing and dancing around the office with various props, to Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’. Everyone had a role to play, although some were more innovative than others. Amongst the hilarity and excitement, a special shout must go to Maureen who won the best outfit competition, braving the commute and arriving first thing in a full elf costume!

The resultant video is here for all to see: (password – gavin)

Happy Christmas from WSM Partners from on Vimeo.

Lunch was at Circus in Covent Garden, the Pan Asian menu giving us a delicious break from the traditional turkey and Christmas pudding lunch. In between courses the restaurant lived up to its name with several cabaret acts dancing on the tables, including a hula hooping Elvis, a Mean Girls tribute and a very flexible man in leather doing the splits…something for everyone!

Once lunch was finished, we headed round the corner to Be at One, where we seemed to be more at sixes and sevens with our moves on the dance floor but certainly enjoyed the happy hour cocktails. The WSM Property boys seemed uncertain whether top marks were being awarded for being thrown out or simply not being allowed entry……so they went for gold by covering both angles!

Thanks to the partners for allowing us to enjoy such a good Christmas party, a great chance to have a laugh with colleagues and let our hair down (some more than others!).