A Visit to the RHN

February 11, 2015

Yesterday afternoon, Kayley and I had the chance to visit the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability – this year’s nominated charity – and see what they do. Our first impression as we walked up the drive was one of awe as we took in the remarkable, listed building.

Spread over three floors and large grounds, the hospital is able to do many things on site, like tailored wheelchairs, electronic assistive technology, occupational therapy through art and music, aquatic physiotherapy, and much more. Through this work, they are able to make a difference to the lives of adults with brain injuries and degenerative neurological conditions.

Anna, the Fundraising Manager, took us on a tour of the enormous building and our initial impressions did not leave us as we were shown through several beautiful old rooms, with high ceilings and vast windows overlooking the grounds. These stunning rooms are open for the patients to come in and out as they want, and are used for various events such as religious services, Wednesday afternoon films, and boccia – an adapted version of lawn bowls for the residents. 

As lucky as the hospital are to have such a beautiful building and grounds to call their home, it is also the cause of concern. The age and condition of the building mean that it need constant maintenance, and the high ceilings and old windows result in a constant effort to keep the hospital warm for the mostly immobile residents. The wards are not designed for modern day technology, so an entirely new unit was purpose-built for patients who are reliant on ventilator support, and other wards are being refurbished as funds allow, in order to bring the whole hospital up to a more modern standard.

As a hospital, the charity is partially funded by the NHS (though not a part of it), however, they only pay per bed and any extra activities such as the art, music and adapted wheelchairs are not included and so money for this is has to be gained through fundraising.

We are delighted to be able to support this worthy charity in 2015 and hope to take part lots of fun fundraising events!

To donate, please visit our Virgin Giving page here.

For more information on the hospital, visit their website or the direct charity page here.