A Festive Spirited Wine Tasting

December 19, 2013

Yesterday, we were delighted that William from Spirited Wines was able to join us for the evening to introduce us to a selection of delicious wines and cheeses to accompany meals over the festive period.

We started off with a vintage rose champagne to cleanse the pallet, followed by a fruity guava-tasting Sauvignon Blanc, and a New Zealand Chardonnay.

Then the reds were introduced. First, we tried the Pinot Noir which was followed by a Rioja, interestingly named the Twisted Boot after workers who twisted their boots in the mud to make tracks up to the vines, and finally a rich, dark Malbec from Argentina.

William talked us through the background of each wine and also recommended complimentary foods.

Once again, thank you William and Spirited Wines for a lovely evening!