A Euro 2012 Success…

June 25, 2012

Paul Windsor, Simon Marsh and Anne Irvine enjoyed the warm hospitality of the Berlin Capital Club during the recent Europe Fides conference, generously hosted by local partner firm BDP.

It seems that Germany is remarkably similar to the UK when it comes to the taxation of its citizens and businesses and in the current economic climate governments are trying hard to increase revenues to meet their still burgeoning commitments to their own people as well as those of other nations.

What was very clear from this particular pan-European conference was that both southern and eastern European citizens have – as one delegate from the Mediterranean region rather delicately put it – ‘less of an inclination to pay tax’.

This fundamental psychology clearly needs to be addressed before any genuine union can be achieved between the current European nations however, at a micro level, WSM is keen to be at the vanguard of firms wanting to encourage ethical, honest and transparent business with its associate firms across the European economic area.