New partners and licensed appointment-takers at WSM Marks Bloom

January 9, 2018

As originally announced last August, as we could not keep the news quiet once it had been agreed, with effect from the beginning of the yearAdam Nakar and Doug Pinteau have become partners in WSM Marks Bloom, our specialist insolvency and business recovery division.

Adam and Doug have also been granted full appointment-taking insolvency licences for 2018 by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and are now in the process of taking their first appointments in their own names.

We are delighted that Adam and Doug have committed their futures to the firm in this way, both having originally trained and qualified as insolvency practitioners with Marks Bloom prior to the merger with WSM in 2015.

The insolvency team has also recently been enhanced by the arrival of a new administrator, Jack Darby, who has joined from another insolvency practice. This further strengthens the support to Adam, Doug and Andy Whelan as the three licensed insolvency practitioners in the firm.

With this, together with the recent move to bright new bespoke offices on the river in Kingston, the insolvency team is looking forward to an exciting and challenging 2018!