EuropeFides in Wiesbaden

February 15, 2016

With a Euro referendum in the UK imminent, Valentine’s Day weekend was appropriate timing for the bi-annual conference of EuropeFides, hosted in Wiesbaden Germany by HCSM Steuerberatung (tax advisors). The conference provides a chance for the current member firms from over eighteen countries to catch up on news and technical developments, and for potential members to introduce their companies in a bid to join our exciting and rapidly growing international network.

EuropeFides is a network of specialist professional firms of advisors, accountants and lawyers, represented across Europe as well as further afield in China and Singapore. EuropeFides provides the clients of WSM with ready access to known experts across the continent to support their businesses and interests. More information on the activities of EuropeFides and its members including WSM, is available from the website at or through the WSM website at

The conference agenda included detailed practical insights into assisting clients buying, selling and financing businesses in other jurisdictions. Simon Marsh provided tax expertise as a member of the panel of specialists from four countries which advised on due diligence covering tax, financial and legal enquiries into companies.

Potential new members provided information on their firms and on the business environment in their countries and cities: expertise ranging from providing sustainability audits for multinationals to advice to small businesses on handling economic sanctions from Moscow to Madrid and from Paris to Prague.

The conference was impeccably organised, as one would expect from our German colleagues, with plenty of social activities on offer in between the business meetings including a visit to the world renowned Eberbach monastery and, as one would expect from our German colleagues, an evening in a bierkeller!

WSM look forward to representing the interests of our clients at the next EuropeFides meeting in Vienna in July – when the UK may, or may not, still be in the EU!