The Wimbledon Super Marvels play rounders!

The annual rounders match hosted by Hartley Fowler took place last Friday at the Old Rutlishians cricket and Rugby Club in Merton and as always the WSM team were ready and raring to go! The sun shone for us all, although a bit blustery but that helped the ball fly further!

Rounders 1As soon as we arrived  we started practising, as some of us hadnt played rounders since high school, so were a bit ermm rusty!

Rounders 2 Rounders 4

The first round started off a bit shakey as we played against team Oomph, being caught out was our major let down but we managed to secure a couple of rounders non the less. The next team to take on the Wimbledon Super Marvels were Gregsons and we did rather well  in this game! Again a few rounders secured and this time, we got lots of their team out with phenomenal catches, bowling and stumping out at the base!

The bbq then started up and the smell from the burgers was enough to get us to join the very large queue that had formed right before our eyes, but just as we had arrived at the front of the line we were called for our third match. I think the hunger had set in though as we didnt manage to keep up the lead that we had regained and sadly lost out to the Chamber Angels in our third match. A great afternoon had by all and a great chance to mingle with the other teams and catch up over a nice cool and well deserved beverage!

Congratulations to The New Wimbledon Theatre (Hot Tickets) for coming first place, Venture Marketing Group (VMG Heroes), second and GEM & Co. Finacial Services (Gems Little Bears) in third place.

A big thanks as well to sara Thain and her team for organising the event.

Rounders 11 Rounders 10 Rounders 9 Rounders 8 Rounders 16 Rounders 14 Rounders12