We’re walking in the air…

On Saturday 02nd December on a cold but very sunny morning, 3 brave ladies and 1 little boy dressed up in their santa suits and headed to Epsom. Too early to be delivering presents I know so what could they have been up to?

It was the final fundaraising event for Shooting Star Chase and 3 of the WSM team took to the trees! climbing on rope ladders, across rigging and zip wiring all the way down to the ground.

Shortley before 11.20 in the morning, myself, Simone, Lindsay and the youngest fundraiser of the team, 8.5 year old Orlando arrived at Sandown Park Racecourse and changed into oSanta skywalk team picur santa suits, complete with beards, to take on a challenge that would test our bravery and nerves! we were given a brief on how to stay safe on the course and helped into our harnesses before stepping on to the first rung of the ladder.

The first challenge was to cross the bridge which was really wobbly and from one tree top to another, the only advise that was given was to not look down! Trying to remain focused and get across the ladder we looked out across the views of Epsom race course and made our way to the second stage which was even more wobbly and quite a bit more challenging.

Having taken part in various other events throughout the year, this one although it looked like fun, was the most challenging of them all. 35ft in the air we were securely harnessed in and werent in any danger of falling off! However this didnt stop the nerves from getting the better of us. We climbed and crossed and swung through the trees and managed to raise £564 in our final charity fundraiser.