At the top of the Broadgate Tower

If the feeling that you are on top of the world is achieved by climbing up 35 flights of stairs and looking out over the sites of London then we certainly achieved that!9 of us cheering

On Saturday 25th March a team of 9 of us at the Wimbledon office took on the challenge to walk up 877 steps to the top of the Broadgate Tower in Londons main financial district. The reason and our focus was for our charity of the year, Shooting Star Chase.

The morning of the event was beautifully sunny but extremely windy, but that didn’t stop us, we were raring to go! A quick 5 minute warm up in the lobby lead by a fitness coach and we were all limbered up. One by one and with just 20 seconds apart we went in to the tower, some us of running, some jogging and some walking. Cheering us on at the 10th, 20th and 34th floor were colourfully dressed cheerleaders to keep us motivated as we kept going through our burning muscles and aching limbs! Once we finally reached the top we were greeted by other members of the Shooting Star team who presented us with a medal and a score sheet with our time that we completed the challenge in.

The view from the top of the tower was amazing and we truly felt on top of the world to have made it and to have completed the challenge that we had set out to achieve.

Champagne, sandwiches and a feast of chocolate high energy treats waited for us along with our supporters on the 2nd floor to congratulate us on our great achievement!

A big thank you has to go to our supporters and those who donated so generously towards our challenge.

We managed to raise a fantastic £3130.61 for Shooting Star Chase.

Keep an eye on our website for more exiting challenges ahead!

Viwe from the top Tower Image SSC view with banner