NCS Challenge 2017


“NCS is a national, government backed programme that helps young people build skills for work life and transition into adulthood” It is the UK’s leading charity for building a more integrated society.


On the 18th July we welcomed 11 students from the NCS challenge in to our office in wimbledon to hear from one of our directors what it was like to be an accountant. The group had the chance to ask questions about how they would achieve an accountancy degree and which path they had to take in order to do so.

NCS Group PhotoAswell as hearing from a professional they were also given an opportunity to pitch to myself and Annie in order for them to get a feel for life in a professioanl organisation. The students had come prepared with a pitch that they wanted to deliver and in turn receive feedback as to the overall presentation.

A mix of young girls and boys made up the 11 strong team and were extremely full of enthusiasm for their project they were involved with which was to redevelop an overgrown and neglected allotment that they wanted to then give back to the communty.  They needed to pitch to a group of people “dragon den” style so they could get the funds that they needed in order to carry out the project which mainly consisted of equipment and materials that would make the process possible. They presented their pitch very clearly and the only feedback that myself and Annie had for them was to be a bit more confident and precise about how much the project was gong to cost and how much they needed from the dragons in order for them to carry out the challenge.

We would gladly welcome the NCS challenge group back again.

NCS Annie2