Here come the hot steppers!

On  the 21st October, six brave and fearless members of the WSM team in Wimbledon took on a challenge that put their courage to the test!

With temperatures reaching 1200 degrees farenheit they fearlessley hot footed over burning coals as they bravely raised funds for Shooting Star Chase.

The event took place in Guildford in the beautiful grounds of Loseley park which made for a perfect setting, and although the weather was cold, windy and raining, it didnt dampen the spirits of the six hotsteppers that were all geared up to take on the challenge. After arriving and registration had taken place, a briefing was given to make sure that no one was under any illusion that it was actually HOT coals that were going to be walked over! The pre-conception that some had that the coals had been left to go cold overnight were firmly squashed as the fire was lit and the flames were raging before their very eyes.SONY DSC

The fire marshalls were keen for the event to start slightly earlier than scheduled as the wind was picking up and safety was their number one priority for all those involved, so at 18:45hrs, the first brave participant took to the coals.

With a thumbs up to the crowd and a deep breath she quickly made it across the burning coals to the other end, a sigh of relief from the spectators and other participants that she was ok was enough to get the adrenalin pumping. There was no time left to think about what the team were about to do! One after the other, feet were hot stepping over the coals. Anxiety and fear etched across the face of everyone, but after a matter of seconds it was all over. Heart rates returned to normal, smiles returned to faces and a feeling of great relief and achievement was felt by all.

Finally a presentation of a medal for taking part in such an event and a BBQ topped off the evening before heading home with ever so slightly smouldering toes!

                                            .Team Fire walkers

We managed to raise a fantastic £1,212.00 for Shooting Star Chase, so a huge thank you to all of those who sponsored us and of course to Anne Carey and Kate Law who once again organised a fantastic event and one that we will certainly not forget.