Why properties in Wimbledon Village offer the perfect town/country feel

Written on 4 August 2014

We all know why Wimbledon is so famous – it’s about the tennis. The Grand Slam attracts fans from all over the world, interested in catching a piece of the racket action. However, it’s not just about sport – Wimbledon Village offers an incredible mixture of town and country and is attracting buyers to the area for this unique mix. Here is the latest from Robert Holmes estate agent in Wimbledon on why properties in this area are perfect…

Country versus town

While on one hand the property can initially seem unexciting on exiting Wimbledon station – most housing consists of average Victorian semis and terraces – it’s a completely different story just half a mile or so up the hill. Wimbledon Village offers a lovely mixture of country and town – with the high street consisting of cute coffee houses, boutiques, florists – you get the picture. From cute country cottages to massive mansions costing millions of pounds with tennis courts and swimming pools, the Village isn’t too crowded or built-up, unlike the rest of London.

How much will you pay?

Depending on your budget, you could get a property from half a million pounds upwards. Although be aware: at the lower end of this category, you are unlikely to get anything more than a one-bed terraced cottage. If you’re looking for a larger cottage, you’d be paying around £700,000, while a three-bed Victorian or Edwardian house would set you back a couple of million. Larger properties with several bedrooms are a few million – depending on the location – and a mansion overlooking the common with a basement or swimming pool could cost £20 million!

According to figures, prices are some 17 percent higher than at the market peak in 2007 – in comparison to Greater London this isn’t quite as high. Interestingly the divide is not just between town and village in Wimbledon; but also between big and more modest properties.

Overseas buyers

As with the Prime London market, a lot of overseas buyers are keen to get in on the action. While there’s a lot of movement apparently around the half a million to a million mark, the really expensive properties are often being purchased by international buyers –  up to one in five according to some figures. On the other hand, foreign buyers are less interested in this area than they are in other parts of town such as Kensington and Chelsea. Russians and Eastern European buyers have avoided the area – perhaps a little nervous as the market starts slowing slightly, according to the latest reports. However, homes in Wimbledon Village are established and popular, so likely to always be a good buy.

Wimbledon Village has a lot going for it – convenient transport links, beautiful common, great schools – it’s hardly surprise it’s proving a hit with buyers both in the UK and abroad.