The Digital Revolution

Written on 23 April 2015

In today’s day and age, it can be argued that we should no longer use the term ‘digital’ marketing; marketing is now so integrated with both traditional and digital methods that it should simply be marketing as a whole concept. It is important, even for a traditional, finance business such as WSM, for companies to be aware of the various opportunities that are available to in the digital arena.

It is now straight forward for any company to create digital noise through a website and a social media, but what is the benefit of this?

Firstly, it gives businesses the chance to reach a larger customer base at a low cost; with opportunities to go national and even international. The digital market place also opens up links with suppliers and distributers, allowing more information to travel along the supply chain and giving the business the advantage of choosing the best option for them.

Customers are also able to benefit because there is the option for two way communication. They are able to ask questions, look at feedback given by other customers, and use any after sales service if they need support. Digital marketing allows a company to personalise the experience for each customer by mapping their previous behaviour and customising an individual’s preferences.

The speed and accuracy of measuring digital business activities is much more efficient, and measurement and control are a key part of any business plan. They show the effectiveness of the marketing campaign and help to decide whether to continue in a certain direction or focus on a different element. This measurement can be easily done on a larger scale too, by looking at social analytics from measuring traffic to a website, to tracking and analysing social media chatter from all over the web. This is useful for picking up trends and themes which are useful for planning future marketing activities.

One of the ways we use digital marketing at WSM, is to enhance our CSR; publicising local charities and supporting community events on social media; and crucially, promoting our Charity Rugby Sevens Tournament. Through platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, we are able to connect with different rugby and netball teams to try and encourage them to come down for the day, as well as using the data to send mailshots. The dedicated Twitter account has around 450 followers, and the redirects to the website pages have 1458 hits since the page was made live in January. This is all fantastic noise for the company; showing we engage with the community and are keen charity fundraisers, but also it brings in visitors to our website and gets the WSM brand out into the wider network.

Digital activity should be a core part of a business plan, as it is something that can dramatically increase your success in marketing. If you are not joining in and creating noise online, then you can guarantee that your competitors will be.