Should accountants be leading the green revolution?

Written on 5 February 2015

I recently read an article about how businesses can help fight climate change and how accountants, as business advisors, could be at the forefront of the green revolution. Initially I scoffed at this idea, as I sat at my desk, surrounded by papers; mountains of clients' folders encompassing copies of their invoices and statements to either side of me. However, as I continued to read, my opinion took a much more positive spin.

Whilst it may be a little hypocritical of me to say, given my previous admission of a messy, paper-filled desk, WSM is actually a paperless office and we recycle pretty much everything. Being positive about saving the environment is something we are proud of as a firm. It is mostly our clients that do not run in paperless ways and we want to help this change.

So, for ways in which we can help lead the green revolution, as accountants and business advisors, we are constantly working with our clients to identify problem areas within a business along with recommendations to improve profitability including reducing costs. Actually therefore, we are in a great situation to advise our clients on ways of reducing energy costs. On a day to day basis, we are advising on keeping down the expenses, how to keep household and office bills down, reducing the amount of petrol used etc., all of which also have positive implications for the environment.

However, although attractive, it is not always just a case of cutting costs. Achieving the green stamp of approval and maintaining sustainability should be a goal for all businesses. Its pursuit plays a part in business development and marketing; showing support to customers, purchasers, employees and owners as well as helping the wider community. There is a lot of proof to show that supporting charities increases goodwill and faith in a business and there is no reason why supporting the green agenda cannot have the same effect.

We would love to help improve your green footprint, so please get in touch on 020 8545 7600 to speak to one of our business advisors.