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Autumn Statement Explained: Pensions Recycling

From April 2015 individuals who have accessed their pension schemes have been able to re-invest tax free funds thus obtaining tax relief on the new contribution – referred to as pensions recycling.

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Autumn Incentive to Travel Cleanly

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement for 2016 included a number of tax incentives to encourage cleaner travelling.

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Possible Blow to Non-Resident Property Investment Companies

The Government will consult on proposals to bring certain income streams of non-resident companies, which are currently charged to income tax, within the charge to corporation tax.

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The Uber Ruling: Is it the end for the self employed?

The GMB won their case against Uber last week as the London employment tribunal has determined that Uber has acted unlawfully by not providing drivers with basic workers’ rights.

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Don’t get stung by the MEES

Is your property energy efficient yet? If it isn’t it is probably time to start thinking about getting it into shape before the new MEES regulations start to bite.

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Taxing the Petrolheads

It’s all change for VED (Vehicle Excise Duty - otherwise known as Road Tax) from next April when you could find yourself paying as much as £2,310 road tax on your new car in the first year of ownership.

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Out with the old, in with the new

September is a busy period for accountants, with the filing of company accounts with a December year-end date due at the end of the month. Despite the relief that many feel now that this date has passed, there is also a sense of sadness as a number of the smaller companies would have been using the FRSSE for the very last time.

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Tax Goes Online

We live in a digital and technological world, surrounded with people on their mobile devices broadcasting their thoughts, pictures and updates every second. HMRC wants to do the same.

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Tax Computer Systems Limited

Dave Evans and the audit team at WSM recently acted as a key advisor in a multi million pound acquisition with audit client Tax Computer Systems Limited (TCSL).

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Brexit – Planning for the post shock opportunities

Two months on and the global repercussions for politicians and businesses following the Brexit vote continue and remain daily front page news.

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