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State Pension lump sum – Tax saving Opportunity?

If you are entitled to your state pension, you may have decided to defer the receipt of the pension. Similarly, if you are approaching state pension age, you may consider deferring the pension. Why would you want to defer?

Moving closer to online Tax

Following extensive consultation, with more than 3,000 responses over the last eight months

Europe Fides 2017

The wall to wall media coverage of Brexit is not solely a UK phenomenon


Europe Fides AGM Brussels 2017

Friday was an interesting day of seminars. We started off with Brexit

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VAT Flat Rate Scheme

HMRC have introduced a new VAT flat rate percentage of 16.5%.

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Playing by the same rules

The Chancellor made a further commitment in his Autumn Statement to promote fairness in the tax system, ensuring that everyone ‘plays by the same rules’.

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Salary Sacrifice Arrangements

Following a recent consultation, HMRC have confirmed that they will legislate to remove the tax and national insurance benefits from salary sacrifice and flexible benefit schemes.

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Autumn Statement Explained: Non-Domiciled Individuals

The Autumn Statement confirmed that the proposed changes for non-domiciled individuals will go ahead as previously planned from April next year.

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All above the line?

Raising productivity was identified as a central long-term economic challenge facing the UK and a key focus for the forthcoming Industrial Strategy. The Chancellor announced enhancement to Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credit schemes that will aim to improve productivity in the UK, as part of a package which will reach £2bn of support for Research & Development by 2021.

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Autumn Statement Explained: Pensions Recycling

From April 2015 individuals who have accessed their pension schemes have been able to re-invest tax free funds thus obtaining tax relief on the new contribution – referred to as pensions recycling.

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