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Employee Share Ownership

The John Lewis partnership is often held up as a shining example of successful Employee Share ownership – but does it always lead to greater success for the underlying business? How do the exiting owners feel about losing equity and control? What are the main challenges and difficulties that face smaller private companies looking to emulate the model?

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Are you stuck working ‘in’ your business? Try taking your business to the next level…

Do you spend your whole working day fielding queries from finance, marketing and IT? Or how about dealing with suppliers and customers all at the same time, not to mention shifting the piles of paperwork that you haven’t looked at yet? 



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On Top of Our Game

Keeping up with the activity in different market sectors is quite a challenge but it is vitally important if we are to stay on top of our game as tax advisers and provide proactive advice to our clients. 


Musings of a tax enthusiast

“Tell me a joke”… the phrase that causes us to momentarily forget every joke that has ever made us smirk, giggle or raucously laugh.  Whilst we are all familiar to this situation, I recently became reacquainted with the feeling when I was asked to write a brief blog about ‘something tax related’.

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Audit Lite?

Since autumn 2012 the audit threshold exemption has changed and Small Companies no longer require a statutory audit.  

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