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The trials and tribulations of a first-time buyer…

I’ve recently started looking at buying my first home; my job is going well, rent is extortionate, and I'm fed up of magnolia paint, moving every 12 months, and being terrified to take a throw off of the landlord’s ill-thought-out cream sofa for fear my boyfriend will coat it in food and we have to say goodbye to our damage deposit.

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Flying for profit – does customer service really count?

When one thinks of Ryanair, attention to customer service and a pleasant flight experience are not the first things that come to mind.  Instead, we are more likely to hear stories such as the one that broke last week of a Ryanair customer charged 188 Euros to change his flight after his family had died in a fire.  

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The arguments for abolishing Corporation Tax

How does corporation tax affect the financial health of enterprises and their relationship with the economy as a whole?

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Ashes to Economy?

England has retained the Ashes this summer but is it just cricket that will be depressing the Australians over the next few weeks? 

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What office sharing can do for your venture

Office sharing is a phenomenon that has been on the rise since the start of the economic downturn. With businesses having to make redundancies, sharing their office space meant they did not have to downsize. These otherwise-empty desks have proven to be a great option for small businesses and freelancers; everyone benefits!  Want to know more? Guest blogger, Peter Ames from Office Genie, explains how it could benefit your business.

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Are you racking up a tax bill by selling online?

With the government cracking down on tax avoidance, issues around online selling are coming back into the media. 

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Help-To-Buy Scheme

On the 20 March 2013, Chancellor George Osborne announced new plans to help individuals procure their own homes in the form of the Help-To-Buy Scheme.

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The Taxman

So there I was, catching up with an old friend when our conversation once again turned to tax related matters (much to my personal glee). Not the tax conversations of recent times however, which normally take the path of ‘grumble grumble Google grumble’. My friend had recently received a letter from HMRC, and upon opening it, somewhat timidly at the sheer horror of what might lie within, she noted two words that she was certainly not expecting.

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The Wrong Side of the Right Curve

As Britain grinds its way out of a near triple-dip recession, most analysis has focused on the use of monetary policy and quantitative easing (QE) as a means of economic stimulant, rather than the effects of fiscal policy on economic recovery. Eyes will be on Mark Carney, the new Governor of the Bank of England, as he puts an end to Britain’s ever expanding QE stimulus. 

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The Impact of “Tax Shaming”

The Dolce and Gabbana case highlighted the recent crackdown on tax evasion schemes and the subsequent negative publicity attached to it.  It has also exposed a number of companies with complicated tax structures who have successfully managed to ‘avoid’ paying tax over a number of years.  

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