Moving to the Big Smoke

Written on 8 April 2014

The hustle and bustle of London life has been an attraction for a couple of years now, so when the opportunity came to work at WSM and relocate to London I jumped at the chance.  Coming from Nottingham, London seems enormous and can appear quite intimidating; one of the surprising things I first noticed was the constant mass of people all rushing to different places, and this seems to continue throughout the day.  Working in Wimbledon is perfect as it is busy but not quite as intense; the commute in the opposite direction means I can avoid the crush of suits on the tube in the mornings!

One of my biggest recommendations if you are looking to move to London is to work out your budgets.  We have a useful WSM app which has a tax calculator on it.  This allows you to work out how much income you will be getting after tax and with this you can work out how much you can afford on rent, food and the obligatory after work drinks!

Other useful apps are the various map and transports apps such as Citymapper or Google Maps.  You are able to input your destination and it works out the quickest or cheapest way to get there by tube, bus, train, walking etc.  They make travelling in London so much easier and without them I would be lost!

So far I have been living in London for two weeks and it has been incredibly busy and my time has flown by. I am looking forward to the longer spring and summer evenings which I can use to explore the different areas; if you have any recommendations for places to visit please let me know and I will happily add them to my ever growing list!