Britain’s Gold Rush: Get Inspired

Written on 22 August 2016

After two weeks of exciting and inspirational sporting achievement, Rio Olympics ended with a bang, closing in spectacular carnival-themed fashion and instilling a sense of pride in all members of the competing nations. Britain stormed above expectations, receiving 67 medals in total with 27 of those golds; beating powerhouse China to second place in the medals table and breaking the record for managing to increase its medal tally in the Games following hosting year.

An amazing achievement, but what does this mean for us non-Olympians? Why not use this momentum to get involved in sport day to day. No matter what your fitness level or ability, there is always something to try. Whether it’s joining your local hockey team or boxing gym, taking the family out cycling or swimming over the weekend, or even experimenting with the more unusual sports such as beach volleyball, fencing or pentathlon; getting more involved is hugely beneficial to physical and mental fitness.

Our Olympic champions can also inspire some truly impressive athletic feats. A close friend recently cycled from John O’Groats to Lands End in eight days, subsequently raising over £3,300 for charity. Charities are all clamouring for people to support them through sporting fundraising; whether that is the London Marathon or Ride 100. Be inspired by our sporting heroes and sign up to sporting challenge for charity today.

A couple of people from our office are taking part in Tough Mudder challenge in September; fundraising for Willow (you can sponsor them here!). Other ideas could be the Moon Walk or Three Peak Challenge. Use this post-Olympic excitement to improve your fitness and raise money for charity at the same time.

If you need some ideas, our charity of the year, Willow, has a list of upcoming events here.