Are you stuck working ‘in’ your business? Try taking your business to the next level…

Written on 14 May 2013

Do you spend your whole working day fielding queries from finance, marketing and IT? Or how about dealing with suppliers and customers all at the same time, not to mention shifting the piles of paperwork that you haven’t looked at yet?

If this sounds familiar, you are working ‘in’ and not ‘on’ your business.

For most entrepreneurs in owner-managed businesses, the pull towards managing the day-to-day operations deters their time from focussing on strategic decisions and progressing the business.  Whilst you may feel that you can do it better and faster than anyone else, or that it’s a great way to keep costs down if you do it yourself, there is a point where every business owner needs to move from the ‘doing’ role to the ‘leading’ role in order to get the most efficient use of yourself and allow your business to rise to the next level.

After all, your weekends should involve making time for the family or tackling the golf course, not making to-do lists and fighting your inbox!

One of the simplest and most effective ways of creating time is to outsource some of your regular functions to professional services companies.  Using reliable, outsourced service providers, such as WSM, will give you more time to focus your expertise at more strategic business level. Any extra costs will be offset with a more productive team at your end.

So, how can WSM help you prioritise your time for yourself and your business?

Payroll service: this is the most common area that companies choose to outsource, whatever the size, and it is a service that WSM provides for many happy clients.  With the new rules for reporting PAYE information in real time, the payroll process will be considerably more time consuming.  We provide a range of services from an annual, sole director payroll to a bureaux service with professional security payslips, bank transfer facilities and monthly payroll journals to your nominal ledger.

Bookkeeping and management accounting: this is a service that WSM have plenty of expertise in. We currently provide these services to a wide range of clients from small traders to large companies, including processing daily journals on Sage to dealing with VAT returns and correspondence with HMRC.

Company secretarial services: while filing statutory documents of a company has become an more user-friendly, online experience, records maintained in the statutory books of a company is the record that courts will rely on to decide share ownership, appointments and legal charges.  WSM has a strong team with years of experience that can help you here.

These are, to name a few, some ways that we can help you make more efficient use out of your employees and yourself. Whatever you need, we can provide; whether it’s a direct service or trusted advice to direct you onto one of our many quality service partners.

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