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Immersed in work and icy water

For those of us who have office based jobs, it may look and certainly feel like we spend alot of time at our desks, however, myself and the team at WSM actually have a really good work life balance and so instead of writing about our daily corporate musings, I have chosen to write about a passion of mine - a breathing and cold immersion technique known as the Wim Hof Method.

VAT on school fees

There has been much debate in recent years over VAT on school fees. Last year the Labour party planned to tax private school fees to pay for free school meals. The VAT position on education really depends on the political party decision. In reality the government can change the law and apply VAT to school fees.

GDPR - Is there any good news?

Just in case anybody has missed it, GDPR affects any business which holds personal data and GDPR has to be implemented by 25 May. As the definition of personal data can cover everything from a person’s name to their medical records and from their photograph to their bank details it is likely that every business will be affected.


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