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Brexit - Deal or No Deal Action Plan for SMEs - Employment

The status and rights of EU workers in the UK following Brexit will be a key element of SMEs Deal or No Deal planning – and not just for those employing EU workers. Those business which rely heavily on EU workers or have EU workers in key positions need to know the status and rights of their workers now and in the future.

Brexit - Deal or No Deal Action Plans for SMEs

Political chaos continues to dominate the Brexit headlines and the decisions of big business - from Honda and Nissan cutting production to Dyson’s move to Singapore – highlight the effect this has on business planning and decision making. The potential damage to SME’s is even more pronounced. Planning and decision making is even more important but with limited resources and information it is even more challenging for SME’s.

Recent Changes to Entrepreneurs' Relief

Entrepreneurs’ Relief is a valuable relief to business owners, and when coupled with a company’s solvent liquidation (known as a members’ voluntary liquidation or MVL) can result in gains being taxed at an advantageous rate of 10% if the relevant qualifying conditions are met. Prior to the most recent budget, there was speculation that the relief was to be under attack. In the end, the relief was retained, but two changes were introduced to restrict its availability in certain circumstances.


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