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State Aid Approval of EMI Share Options

Smaller and early stage companies are often cash constrained and less able to pay salaries than larger organisations, and the generous use of share options allows these companies to compete with larger organisations for key staff.

Thinking of giving your home away? Think again!

People often ask about the benefits of giving their properties to family members before they die to avoid the clutches of the taxman, but experts have warned that certain pitfalls could result in you paying more than you save.

Employees in Insolvency

Sometimes, when a business is facing insolvency, many of the most significant creditors can be employees of the business, particularly if there is a history of long service. This can be of great concern not only to the employees themselves, but also to the owners of the business who do not wish to see their loyal staff members facing their own financial strife as a result of losing their employment.


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